Home care nursing is for people who need care at home, temporarily or indefinitely, for a variety of health reasons including:

  • Being released from the hospital after surgery or a sudden event such as a stroke or serious injury
  • Worsening of a chronic condition that requires a higher level of care than is available at home
  • Living with ongoing health issues that are making it difficult to be at home

What services are provided?
Our professionally trained and licensed home care nurses also provide:

  • Wound care, intravenous therapy or palliative care
  • Health education about chronic diseases and healthy living
  • Referrals to other community services such a community rehabilitation or social work services
  • Self-care information so that you can live as independently as possible
  • Education to enhance your friends’ and family’s abilities to provide care
  • Home support services to enable you to care for yourself as much as possible

Home visits for nursing care occur seven days a week. Visits are scheduled in advance according to medical priority and where you live.